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Building Quality Assurance

We are absolutely committed to Assuring our Building Quality

Genliving are absolutely committed to building you (and all our customers) a great new home in a way that makes the process as enjoyable as actually moving in once your new home is finished.


The key to achieving consistently excellent building results is having simple, repeatable processes to:


Plan - Map out the objectives and processes


Do - Carry out the Plan


Check - Monitor, review and evaluate


Act - Act quickly and efficiently

Our Quality Assurance Process is based on four important steps that always keep the focus on your needs:

1. Plan

Map out the objectives and processes required to deliver the home that's right for you and your family.


2. Do

Carry out the plan with maximum efficiency and impeccable attention to detail in order to complete a great job on time and on budget.


3. Check

Monitor, review and evaluate our processes and your home building partnership with us.


4. Act

Act quickly and efficiently, in consultation with you, to correct any shortcomings our checks identify.