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Why Build a Multiple Family Home?

There are many positive reasons for enjoying a quality family life in a custom-designed home.


Your whole family can live closely – children, parents and grandparents – giving each other continued support. At the same time, everyone enjoys the benefits of regular and ongoing social contact. As there’ll be plenty of space, you can still benefit from having private quarters and separate amenities.


Instead of saving for years to live in a desirable home, your family can collaborate on an imaginative living solution right now. We can help you with a unique home, architecturally designed to match your taste and lifestyle.


Just imagine:

at the same time as meeting family needs, you can achieve a better work-life balance by having space in your home for an office or studio. And let’s not forget your green concerns: a multiple family home enables you to dramatically reduce your families’ collective carbon footprint.


As family living choices change, so do the homes available to buy. Many older homes, designed in a different age, simply don’t meet the needs of multiple family living.


Designing and building your own home has never been a better option. It makes financial sense to build this way. Creating one multiple family home is more economically viable than buying two or three separate dwellings. With self-contained quarters or annexes, you can also earn additional income by renting it out. This type of home is always going to be a sensible investment.  


Meeting your aspirations and needs, it will be a beautiful, quality building that you and your family will love living in, now and in future generations.